We provide a comprehensive stack of IT services from Consulting to Nearshore Outsourcing and building complete tailor-made Enterprise Solutions. We are flexible enough to respond fast and adequately to projects that size from 1 to 80 IT professionals and extent in various business domains like banking and finance, e-procurement, e-marketing, travel platforms, to name a few.

Benefits of working with us

Fast approach

We have a pool of talented IT professionals that can efficiently respond to the most demanding customer’s requirements. We offer rapid processes to build productive software development teams.


We can introduce you to experienced IT experts with varied technical backgrounds and capabilities to best match the requirements of your project or the current specifics of your business operations.


Outsourcing your software assignments with us allows you to benefit from fast and easy scaling of highly professional IT teams and rapidly respond to the dynamics and changing requirements of your project.

Reduced costs

We are not a low-cost outsourcing service provider, but we can bring you considerable savings on overhead and labor expenses while delivering exquisite productivity and high-quality software solutions.

Quality control

Our workflow model grants you complete control over the project at any stage, any time. You can have a direct line to a dedicated delivery manager as well as open communication with the whole development team.


Any successful software development project is a result of team effort and cooperation. We are dedicated to assembling a professional team that not only responds to your quality standards but fits your company culture as well.


Once you select a team of IT experts, you can be sure that your unit has all your attention and is 100% devoted to you and your project. Your team’s ultimate goal is the timely and quality delivery of all project assignments.


We are based in Bulgaria, an EU country with an extensive background in software development. Throughout the years, we have proved to be a trustworthy outsourcing destination. With a geographical location that provides easy connection both with Western Europe and North America, culture and language competence that allow smooth and fluid communication and legal environment backed by the EU legislation, we are the optimum business partner - reachable, competent, flexible.

Software Development of Enterprise solutions

We possess considerable expertise in developing complete enterprise solutions. Our competence embraces the full lifecycle of implementing large enterprise projects. We are proficient in Business Analysis, Project management, building Technical architecture, Software development as well as Implementation and Technical support.

Backed by an extensive technology stack such as Java, .Net, PHP, React, Angular, Vue.js, Machine Learning, Mobile development , we are ready to meet any technical challenges and deliver high-quality solutions.


We provide nearshoring outsourcing services to businesses from various domains that are looking to decrease their overhead and smoothly manage a remote team of IT experts.

We can select the talents, build your team, and set it running in just a fraction of time. Then, we can manage it and scale it rapidly according to your current needs. Meanwhile, you have complete control over all processes and direct communication with a dedicated delivery manager. Be it a one-time project team or long-term development squad - we can build it and manage it for you.


Our extensive technical and business expertise gives us the confidence to provide competently IT consulting and advice to companies with various domains.

We work closely with you to understand your business goals and needs. Then we define and estimate the proper IT solutions aligned with your resources and we create a step-by-step development plan. We implement the entire process management until finalizing the project.

If you are a start-up looking for a tech partner, we are here for you, to build your business software solution and help you create your MVP.


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