Digitalising distribution channel management

Cloud-native solution for real-time sales and performance insights

Kamenitza is among the leading brewing companies in Bulgaria, founded in 1881, and owns the first beer in Bulgaria that is still produced today – Kamenitza. The company combines the beer expertise of the four world's most famous brewing traditions – the Czech, the German, the Belgian, and the Irish – with loved brands such as Burgasko, Staropramen, Stella Artois, Guinness, Corona, and more.

Committed to maintaining its market leadership, the company focuses on digital transformation to modernize operations for greater efficiency and responsiveness. One such solution, 'Beersteam' developed by Plan A, is part of a suite of software solutions exemplifying Kamenitsa's dedication to operational excellence and strategic innovation.


Project details

The Goal

To create an all-in-one distribution channel management solution that provides visibility and real-time insights on the product life-cycle—from the warehouse to the end customer—to facilitate decision-making and maximize sales.


The industry challenge

  • Digitalisation of complex processes
  • Processing large volumes of data
  • Demand for integration with diverse enterprise software solutions
  • Design that meets the unique requirements and goals of the organization


Execution process

The development process focused on scalability, flexibility, and future-proofing.


Features of Beerstream

  • Sales at Point of Contact (PoC)
  • Inventory management
  • PoC mapping history
  • CRM Module
  • Product mapping history
  • Reports 


The outputs

  • Understanding evolving customer preferences and trends, geographical performance analysis, and tracking of marketing campaign effectiveness.
  • Ensuring popular products are always in stock while reducing overstock of less popular items.
  • Achieved cost savings through reduced order errors, as well as savings on wasted inventory, shipping costs, and administrative expenses.
  • Streamlining order processing time and the efficiency in the communication channels between the brewery and distributors.

Handling diverse data sources from over:




software solutions


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A word from the CEO

Alexander, Plan A's CEO, gained his experience working in the banking sector as Head of Credit Card Analysis Systems and then in the IT sector as Managing Director. His areas of expertise include business management, service delivery, project management, and IT technical consulting, as well as experience managing cross-national IT projects and teams.

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