A word from the CEO -

What drives Alexander Yovchev forward?

Alexander, Plan A's CEO, gained his experience working in the banking sector as Head of Credit Card Analysis Systems and then in the IT sector as Managing Director. His areas of expertise include business management, service delivery, project management, and IT technical consulting, as well as experience managing cross-national IT projects and teams.

What was the reason behind creating your own company?

Plan A was a natural move in my career. My partners and I have been working in Digital, IT development and Services companies for over 15 years and wanted to combine our expertise to create a technology company that will deliver quality services to our clients and will play an active role in building technology products. Building on this experience we decided to first focus on technology and then slowly introducing products in our portfolio – either entirely developed by Plan A or in partnership with start-up companies.

What are your main source of motivation?

Even though building and managing а company is not always an easy task, there are multiple things that keep us focused and give us the strength and motivation to give 100% every day.  

I can point out three main things that are key to our company. 

First and most important are the people we work with. As every business organisation, our focus must be to achieve our business goals, but as services company, we have embraced the fact that there is no way to achieve them without a great team beside us on this journey. 

Clients are the next important source of our motivation. We cannot develop as a company without our clients and their trust. They are helping us grow by allowing us to play an active role in developing their products and improving their processes.  

For every project and client, it is critical to understand the specific goals to be able to provide the best possible service.  

Last but not least, we care about the products and the solutions we develop. Our goal is to have a real impact on the products we work on and help our clients innovate and bring their ideas to the next level.

What is your vision for Plan A?

Our vision is to combine between sustainable projects and risky technological challenges. Our target is to develop in both aspects, be flexible to accommodate the specific client context, and learn, grow and improve upon each partnership and each consecutive project.