Optimal stock distribution in the fashion retail industry

OPTISTOCK (OSR) is the first module of RetailApps, a comprehensive suite of applications designed to streamline and digitize all aspects of retail commerce management. OSR is a post-ERP solution that seamlessly merges sales data with information on store and warehouse inventories, enabling supply managers to customize daily stock allocation for optimal sales performance.

Project Background

The client's goal was to transform the existing, on-premise solution into a cloud-based multi-tenant SaaS platform, while creating the foundation for both horizontal and vertical expansion of the product. OPTISTOCK's most valuable feature for users is the ability to provide a single view of all critical indicators related to a product's performance across the value chain. In addition, it offers a meticulous customization feature for every product attribute.


Product Advantages

  • Comprehensive ERP system integration

Adaptable to various ERP formats while minimising configuration requirements for the end client. Real-time communication between the system and the clients’ ERPs.

  • User-Centric experience across the entire journey

Ability to visualise complex tables containing thousands of rows and dozens of columns of data in a user-friendly and reliable manner.

  • Simultaneous complex calculations

A robust infrastructure supporting real-time complex calculations for optimal stock distribution of millions of SKU x Store combinations.

  • Ability to customise each product to the finest detail

Flexible methods for manual and bulk configuration of parameters at size level to maximise in-store sales.


The Delivery of the solution

The client aimed to transition to a modern SaaS system but wanted to keep OPTISTOCK's key features. They focused on essentials—syncing data in real-time, performing complex calculations, and displaying large datasets in a user-friendly way. A tailored approach was imperative.

The standout feature for the client in this transformation was the ERP integration. This was not only about accommodating different ERP systems but also about the ease of adapting to their distinct formats. The goal was to guarantee minimal friction for the end client during the configuration phase. This required a robust communication module that could link OPTISTOCK and the client's ERP systems.

Tasks were divided into biweekly sprints, allowing the client to track progress and make timely iterations. This not only prevented rework but, with the agile method and adaptable tools in place, our team fine-tuned the solution.

Furthermore, Retail Apps recognized the significance of product customization. Thus, they implemented features allowing manual or bulk configurations for products, like size and color. This granularity ensured that in-store sales were optimized, catering to specific market demands.

Lastly, we executed the migration, ensuring that the transition to the new SaaS platform was glitch-free. We paid attention to preventing emerging interruptions in service. After the system was live, we continued with unwavering support, ensuring any hitches were addressed in real-time.

Your Custom-Built App with Our Expertise

When it comes to tailoring solutions to fit intricate needs, Plan A has demonstrated excellence in the retail industry. Just as we helped RetailAPPS reimagine stock distribution with OPTISTOCK, we can  partner with you to craft an application tailored to your unique challenges and ambitions. We've got the tools, team, and persistence to turn your vision into a powerful, efficient reality. Let's co-create your success story.


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