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Mastering QA Series #1: Leadership in high-growth startups

It's been less than a year since Elena Zhekova joined Plan A's team for our Client Regate, and her impact has been profound. Elena, with over 11 years of experience gained in companies like Merkle and Proxiad, quickly established herself as a key person in her role as QA Manager. Her strategic approach to refining quality assurance processes has paved the way for significant improvements.

Client Interview - Raphael Kahle & Ralf Oetting

In a conversation with Ralf Oetting, Founder and Managing Director, and Raphael Kahle, CTO, we explore the key factors that make justTRADE grow.

At the core of the platform's success is a user-friendly interface coupled with a distinctive zero-order commission model, ensuring traders retain the entirety of their profits. As justTRADE evolved beyond its initial focus, a pivotal strategic decision was made – the adoption of nearshoring with Plan A. This move was not just about the present but a forward-looking initiative to guarantee scalability and adaptability to meet future market demands. Discover the driving force behind its success and the innovative strategies that continue to shape its trajectory in the financial landscape.

Client Interview - Jean-Baptiste Escoyez, CTO Regate

Welcome to our chat with Jean-Baptiste Escoyez, better known as JB, the person who has been steering the tech ship with flair at Regate since early 2022. The product is a game-changer in the French market, helping entrepreneurs, accountants, and CFOs to automate and simplify the finance world.


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