We deliver IT services worldwide to clients with different business goals, diverse requirements, and variable resources. To provide the optimum cost-efficient assistance, we offer two basic models of collaboration:

Having your remote team

Build your dedicated team

Having your own dedicated IT team is just like having an in-house unit. The only difference is that you don’t have to think about office space and the whole accompanying overhead. You don’t have to worry about recruitment. Moreover, you can quickly, at any time, scale the team according to your current requirements.

On the other hand, you can benefit from the know-how of experienced IT professionals covering the full spectrum of software services - Developers, QAs, PMs, Support, DevOps, you name it. We build and manage for you a fully-operational team, carefully selecting the IT talents that will best fit your project and your company culture.

Our unique approach

Delivery management
The key to any successful project is the continuous monitoring and the development plan execution tracking. Our Delivery Manager is in constant contact with the team and the client. This communication ensures that all requirements are understood and fulfilled correctly.

Full transparency
We are dedicated to keeping complete openness about the project during all phases. From the early stage of project understanding and recruiting, through building the team and delivering, we strive to keep clear communication with our partners.

Thanks to our broad expertise on a great variety of projects, we can advise the teams on the most effective workflows and development processes. This collaboration improves the overall performance and efficiency and brings benefits to our clients.

Focus on your product

Managed IT Services

For clients with just raw requirements but not precise specifics on their minds, we offer the Managed IT Services model. Here we can provide a complete software product development, meeting the client’s particular goals and needs. We have experience in a wide range of technologies to deliver your ideas in multiple markets, integrate with, or add a customized element to your current systems.

We cover the complete product development lifecycle. Starting with Project scope definition and moving to Development plan definition and execution. Then we can rapidly build the development team, selecting the right profiles from our pool of IT experts. They vary from developers and QAs to PMs and Support specialists to ensure the smooth implementation of all stages.

Our new service - MVP development, is dedicated to helping our clients' startup ideas to come through. We are ready to contribute in every step of the project, so you can benefit from our broad consulting experience to shape and build your MVP product. The whole process from the start to the final is focused on the rapid development of your idea so we can both making it better and optimized. Our goal is fast decision making to fit on our process in order to reach delivery in less than two months.


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