We, at PLAN A, are a team of experienced, yet ambitious professionals with 16+ years of experience in enterprise software development and project management, specialized in delivering complex IT solutions and products. Located in Sofia, Bulgaria, an EU member country, we are the ultimate tech partner - reachable, competent, and flexible.

Our clients benefit not just from our engineering proficiency, but also from our competence and deep understanding of the business process. We help them develop software products, as well as establish and run profitable enterprise solutions tailored to their specific demands and requirements.

We help our partners build, sustain, and modernize their enterprise software and we ensure delivery by building sustainable in-house control processes. We achieve all that through our refined delivery management approach and the ability to quickly set efficient, agile, and dynamic development teams.

What are our targets

Mission and vision

Our mission is to support our partners to grow and create smart and compelling software solutions. And yes, we call them partners because we believe that the key to any successful project is partnership and cooperation. We do not believe in miracles. We just do our job miraculously well (applying high-quality development standards and a strict delivery management process).

We are a client-centric company. We value our customers’ time and we strive to offer the most transparent, reliable, and effective solutions to reach their objectives. The core of our approach is to keep open and frank communication with clearly defined KPIs. We stay consistent in our efforts to perform better than expected and always deliver on time.

How we work


Ambition - We offer the best possible service to create a difference in our customers’ business.

Reliability - We make sure that we exceed our customer expectations consistently by building a trustworthy and long-term partnership.

Transparency - Clear KPIs, service-level agreement, team validation processes. Sustainable in-house control processes.

Efficiency - Highly qualified consultants, fast integration according to the clients’ specifics, flexibility in resource planning, delivery management.

Commitment - Our team will make an exceptional commitment to your projects and will help you achieve the company goals.

We are tech freaks

The Team

“We created Plan A after working in several companies and corporations for many years. With the gained experience we knew what we would like to achieve and what could be changed. We implement all this knowledge at our company for better customer experience and employee satisfaction.”


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